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Other Hair Loss Options

Hair systems aren't the only options in your goal for hair restoration. If wearing a hair system is not for you, consider the options below:

Hair Transplants / Surgery

What's better than having your own head of hair? If you want a natural solution and you have a big budget, then hair transplants is the way to go. Hair transplants is the process of surgically moving hair grafts from the sides and back of the head to bald areas on the top of the scalp.

However, before deciding on a hair transplant, you must realize that you must have a lot of donor hair to begin with to get a thick full head of hair. Also, you'll need to do research on the doctor to make sure he can achieve a natural hair line.

If you choose this route, you'll need to be realistic about expectations. To achieve the look that you want may require multiple surgeries.


  • The result is permanant, you'll have your own head of growing hair
  • One time cost, unless you have multiple procedures


  • Very expensive
  • Donor hair may not work
  • Surgery may be painful and will leave scarring
  • Hair takes a long time to grow back after surgery, the result is not immediate

Hair Loss Drugs

You've seen the commericials from Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) that claim to help with hair loss. And for some, they do work by stopping the hair loss and in some cases actually growing back hair.

These drugs are more effective for men that are just starting to lose their hair. For already severely bald men, it cannot grow a full head of hair. The results are modest at best, which is why you see some men with that "peach fuzz" look.


  • Effective in stopping hair loss and possibly growing more hair
  • Good for those that are just starting to lose their hair


  • If you stop using, your hair will fall out again
  • On-going costs
  • Possible side effects

Hair Loss Vitamins

If you want the naturalistic approach for healthy hair growth, then you may want to consider taking vitamins especially for the hair.

Many say that Vitamin A (for Retinol) is one of the more important vitamins for hair loss. Vitamin A promotes cell growth, particularly on the hair follicles, preventing it from becoming brittle or dry. This also ensures that certain chemical reactions in the body that cause hair loss will be subdued (remember that alopecia areata is caused by reactions in the body that make the white blood cells attack the hair follicles).

Two other vitamins for hair loss include iron and protein. Hair is made of protein, so many say it is only logical to take it as one of the vitamins for hair loss in order to promote proper hair production in the body. Iron, on the other hand, helps manufacture haemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying blood to different parts of the body. With sufficient supply of oxygen in the body, one gets enough oxygen and other vitamins transported through the blood.

Hair Thickeners

With the hair loss industry being so profitable, there is a resurgence of hair thickening solutions on the market today. The most common forms come in shampoos and heavy oils.

Hair thickeners are great for adding volume to your thinning hair, however the results are strictly cosmetic and do not stop hair loss or regrow hair. You must continue to use these products to maintain the look you want. Eventually, your hair will fall out though so you may want to do an alternative solution.

Hair Loss Masks

Covering your scalp with hair masking lotions is popular among Hollywood actors since it hides the contrast of the scalp and hair. No one could tell up close, not even cameras. And what's so great about these masking lotions, is that it doesn't rub off with water. You have to use shampoo for you to remove it.

This a great solution to use with hair loss drugs since you can hide your bald spots while the drugs go to work in stopping more hair loss.

Laser Therapy

Does laser therapy for hair loss really work? Some studies show that it could, but like all other hair loss solutions it depends on the candidate. Using laser therapy for hair loss is more effective for those that are just starting to lose their hair. For those that have been bald for more than 5 years, the hair has little chance to regrow since it has been dormant for so long.

Laser therapy for hair loss works by the energy in the light repairing the damaged hair cells. This increases the blood flow to the hair follicles which will promote healthy hair growth.

If you choose this route, the good news is that you don't have to continuously go to a clinic for treatment. There are laser combs and devices that you can purchase on the Internet.




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