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Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in men may not be pretty, but it is starting to become the norm. Prominent personalities such as celebrities and sports stars have embraced their baldness, making the condition much less of a stigma today than it was several years ago.

However, what will not be embraced is women’s hair loss or female pattern baldness. And unfortunately, female pattern baldness is something women have to face. Unknown to many, females can also suffer from baldness the way men do.

The same factors for male pattern baldness apply to female pattern baldness—it is caused by genetic factors and is characterized by the gradual thinning of hair. However, women do not suffer as much as men do. Men can lose all their hair due to androgenic alopecia; women, at most, will suffer from extreme thinning of the hair. So to speak, there is no actual pattern in female androgenic alopecia.

Of course, this remains to be unsightly, especially since hair is considered to be more important to women than to men. It is natural for men to sport a bald look; for women, it is not a good look at all.

So what can a woman do if she experiences hair thinning?

As with men, the options are wide and varied. There are drugs that inhibit the androgens that prevent the hair follicles from growing; while there are drugs that relax the blood vessels, ultimately promoting hair growth in both men and women. However, it is more common to see women taking more drastic and proactive ways to treat and prevent their female pattern baldness.

More women are altering their lifestyles, in hopes that it will affect their hair growth. Proper diet and exercise have been said to affect the reduction of hair thinning—since proper diet helps the body properly distribute nutrients to different parts of the body, while exercise produces chemicals that can inhibit enzymes and similar substances in the body that affect hair growth.

In any case, women’s hair loss is just as devastating as men’s hair loss, if only in terms of its psychological and social effects. Females will have a harder time to cope and adjust with hair thinning. This is why hair loss solutions are just as important to women as they are to men.

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