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Hair Systems for Women

Feel Beautiful Again with our Non-Surgical Female Hair Loss Treatments

Women and hair loss are like oil and water. In fact, women and hair loss don’t belong in the same sentence. It’s not supposed to happen.

However, hair loss in women is a growing problem each day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 million women suffer from female pattern baldness in the United States. {WMD}

Also, women with female pattern baldness lose their hair differently than men. They don’t have the horseshoe shape pattern that affects the back and front of the head. Their hair thins out everywhere around the whole head. For this reason, most women require a full cap hair system to cover the affected areas.

At AIC, we offer a wide selection of hair replacement solutions for women. In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss the options that are most suited for your lifestyle.

With our most popular hair system for women, you can style your hair anyway you want. Since the hair line is amazingly natural, you can wear your hair up, combed back or parted in the middle. All you could see is scalp and a natural hair line.

Live your life and enjoy the benefits of our AIC Hair Systems:

  • Style your hair anyway you want.
  • Complete breathability - Work out, swim, and do other physical activities.
  • Wash and shampoo as if you never lost your own hair.
  • Sleep in it; you don’t need to take it off!
  • Best of all, look the way you used to and gain your confidence back.

It all starts out with a phone call.

Please call now for a free, no-obligation consultation at 425-883-2900 or Toll Free 866-533-4247 to determine which hair system is right for you.

Ask about our membership programs and financing options.


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